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Once you met Ruth Harvie she never forgot who you were.  She remembered your name – your kids’ names - - your father’s name. Every time you met her, even years later, she greeted you as if you had never been away.  And she was always delighted to see you.  Ruth was what we call a “people person.”  In all so many ways she would make you feel special.  Probably the worst thing that happened to Ruth was when she couldn’t have contact with people.  That started way before the recent closedown.  I remember well the time when Ruth had to retire from working at the Jell-O Gallery.  She so loved coming to work. As she said many times, her car just automatically turned into the driveway, even on her days off.  Many times she would say, “I really should just come over for an hour or so when you are really busy, so I can give a couple of tours.”  And of course, she would always come over . . .

Ruthie – We Will Miss You

by Lynne Belluscio


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