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Trish Riggi from the Library sent a message a while ago. She was trying to put the story of the Staunton Art Conservatory, which was on the Ingham University campus, together with the story of Phineas Staunton. The Woodward Library was built from the stones of the Art Conservatory. She had been looking for information about Staunton and discovered a photo of his gravestone. At first, I thought that she was talking about the stone in Machpelah Cemetery that is a tribute to him, but no, she found his gravestone in Ecuador, which is where he died. In 1867, Phineas Staunton, husband of Emily Ingham – founder of Ingham University, was chosen to join an expedition to South America, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and Williams College. A professor from Williams College, James Orton led the team and . . .

Phineas Staunton

by Lynne Belluscio


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