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This year, 2021, is the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac.  Somehow, it must be fate, because I am preparing activities for the Wolcott Street School, based on a wonderful book, “The Ox Cart Man.” For several years, we have included this book with the story of the ox cart in the Transportation Exhibit in the lower level of the Jell-O Gallery.  The book tells about a family who works all year to fill the ox cart with shingles, and wool, a woven shawl, goose feathers, carved ash brooms, maple sugar, candles, honey, knitted mittens, honey, barrels of apples, and potatoes. In the fall, the father walks to town with the full cart and sells everything including the cart and the ox.  He then walks home with a new embroidery needle for his daughter, a new barrow knife for his son, a new iron kettle for his wife, a few pieces of peppermint candy, and some money.   As soon as the man returns home he begins to build a new ox cart and train the young calf, and his family begins to spin and weave and knit. Although the story takes place in . . .

The Year of the Ox

by Lynne Belluscio

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