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First Baptist Church of LeRoy - Two Hundred Years

by Lynne Belluscio

LeRoy’s Baptist Church was officially organized on June 25, 1818. (Actually, to be correct, the church that is now known as the First Baptist Church of LeRoy was the Second Baptist Church in 1818.  The First Baptist Church was formed at Bailey’s Mills in 1816 and a few years later it became the First Baptist Church of Pavilion.)

 In 1968, the Church celebrated it’s sesquicentennial and an excellent history was written by Joyce Jordan.  She included one of the earliest church covenants:  “to refrain from anger, lascivious talking, foolish jesting, evil speaking or tavern haunting, to attend church and its appointments, to keep the Lord’s Day, to indulge in private prayer and to keep a faithful watch over each other.” When the members met once a month, the clerk recorded transgressors. Aurelius Sparks confessed to using the Lords name in vain and playing cards.  The Sherman family was cited for not living peaceably together. The clerk reported that Ebenezer Curtice used “spirituous liquors to excess time after time.”   One member was reported for acting as a doorkeeper at a circus.  Oliver Langworthy had anger management problems and was admonished for “getting mad and spitting in Mr. Bachelder’s face and using unbecoming and abusive language to Mr. Bachelder and his wife.”







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