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It seems like there’s a lot happening in May. The month is remembered with the Lily of the Valley and the emerald.  I should have written this earlier, because I missed May 1, May Day.  Does anyone remember having a Maypole and weaving the ribbons over and under?  May first is also National Beer Pong Day – maybe that’s what replaced the Maypole dancing?  And of course,  May 4th is “Star Wars Day”, “May the Fourth Be With You.” And I missed May 10, “National Clean Up Your Room Day”.  Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to clean my room!  And May 11 is “Eat Anything You Want Day” followed by “National Limerick Day” on May 12.  I was surprised to learn that May 13 is “National Apple Pie Day”, I would have thought it would have been in October, when the apples are ripe, but it is also “National Crouton Day” and “National Frog Jumping Day”.  I don’t know if that means that you jump over a frog, or that you get together with your friends and see whose frog jumps the furthest. Here are some other dates you can put on your calendar:

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May Calendar

by Lynne Belluscio

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