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LeRoy’s Abandoned Cemeteries

by Lynne Belluscio

LeRoy has seven abandoned cemeteries which are under the care of the Town of LeRoy. And even through two of the cemeteries are located within the Village, according to state law they have to be maintained by the Town. Across the state, towns are having to deal with the added expenses and maintenance of cemeteries that are abandoned. Most cemeteries in New York State are overseen by the New York Cemetery Board which is made up of the New York State Secretary of State, the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Commissioner of Health. Some cemeteries, such as those owned by a Diocese - such as St. Francis Cemetery in LeRoy – do not come under the jurisdiction of the NYS Cemetery Board. But Machpelah Cemetery is under the state jurisdiction. Machpelah has a board of trustees which oversees its maintenance and its finances. If for some reason, the cemetery cannot meet its financial obligations, then the cemetery can be declared abandoned and it is turned over to the town. The seven abandoned cemeteries in LeRoy have been abandoned since before 1954. . .

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