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Throughout this challenging time, we at the
LeRoy Pennysaver & News are continuing to provide necessary and valuable service to the businesses, organizations and people of LeRoy and surrounding communities. As we are experiencing new challenges daily, we must find new ways to continue to provide this service. That being said, beginning next week, we will be temporarily publishing the LeRoy Pennysaver & News as a section in the Oatka Edition of
The Genesee Valley Pennysaver. In the mean time, as long as conditions will allow, the staff at LeRoy Pennysaver & News will continue to do all we can to bring you local news and advertising.

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How Big is one Flamingo Feather?

by Lynne Belluscio

This question has been bothering me ever since I read that Josephine Baker, the notorious entertainer, made her debut in Paris at the Theatre des Champs Elysees

wearing nothing more than one pink flamingo feather.  Why, you ask, was I even interested in this little bit of history? Well, I was putting together trivia questions about the Roaring Twenties for the annual Historical Society Dinner Auction (which by the way has been postponed – we hope to hold it May 2, but it might be later if things don’t clear up).  Since it is that time of year when the flamingoes return to LeRoy, I thought I’d better fact check this obscure piece of flamingo history.  Well believe it or not, Lynn Haney wrote a biography of Josephine Baker, “Naked at the Feast.”  The book was . . .

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