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A New View of Old Main Street

by Lynne Belluscio

I looked carefully at the stereo card on Ebay and it looked very familiar, but it was late at night and I didn’t have time to drive into town and check the collection of our stereo cards.  So, I put a bid on the card and bought it.  When it arrived in the mail a few days later, I pulled out the card that we had in the collection and put them side by side and immediately I was glad I took the chance.  Although the two views are very similar, and both are numbered 718, there are significant differences. The new stereo card is on the right and the old one is on the left.  Immediately, when you look at the trees, you can see that they were taken at different times of the year.  And the photographer took the photos from a slightly different location. Off in the distance, you can see the old iron bridge. And if you look really close, in the photo on the left, .....

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