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As the Historical Society gets ready for a second year of “long distance” learning for the fourth grades and giving them an opportunity to do some hands-on learning, it is pretty obvious, that watching someone churn butter or wash clothes in a wash tub is a far cry from actually doing it.  But we are doing our best to share those experiences.  Jen Bertrand from school will be taping Anne Frew washing clothes on the back porch of LeRoy House – a virtual experience. The kids won’t be getting all wet, not will they run clothes through the wringer, or use clothes pins to hang the wet clothes on the line, but they will see what it was like to keep clothes clean a long time ago.)  We have had a bit more success with having kids make butter. We have assembled some butter churning kits that will be sent to school.  Each student will be able to “shake” a half pint of cream into butter.  And Mrs. Bertrand came . . .

How to Be a Virtual Pioneer

by Lynne Belluscio

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