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A while ago, some folks from England visited LeRoy. They noticed the Rountrees Jelly in the exhibit of “Gelatin Around the World.” Instead of granulated gelatin like Jell-O, Rountree’s was a solid block of gelatin that would be put into boiling water to dissolve. I say “was” because Rountrees was recently transferred to the Hartley company. The great news is that Hartley’s manufactures my favorite Rountree’s flavor, black currant. In fact, I just bought some on Amazon. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive in time for my anglophile lunch. There is nothing quite like English Breakfast Tea (although I do not like milk in my tea). I have to admit, that there are English Breakfast tea bags in the drawer, but I will bring out the leaf tea and make a pot in the English Staffordshire tea pot and will strain out the tea leaves into the special bowl. On the plate there will be a scone with some marmalade or clouted cream – thank you Wegmans. I admit, I like beef Wellington, named after Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington and sandwiches are named for the Earl of Sandwich. It was said, that during a 24 hour gambling session, he asked ...

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