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True or False

by Lynne Belluscio

Can you find the seven false statements. 

I thought that with everyone back in town for the Oatka Festival, you might try your hand at LeRoy history.  If you stop at the Historical Society tent on Saturday or Sunday you can find out how well you did.  Or wait until next week for the answers in the Pennysaver.


1. A piece of the 1909 Main Street bridge is located near the Little League field.

2. The Clay Street Bridge was named for clay deposits in the creek.

3. The railing from the 1855 Main Street Bridge is on LeRoy House back porch.

4. The first Red Bridge at Munson Street was constructed of wood, painted red.

5. The LeRoy “subway” bridge is the West Main train overpass.

6. There were 3 railroad bridges across the creek in the village. Now only one.

7. The house on the corner of Lake Street and Bacon St was once a library.

8. In 1900, the town hall was located on Mill Street.

9. The Village DPW garage on North Street was built as a garage for Jell-O.

10. Farmer’s Creekside Restaurant was a hat factory.

11. The Post Office is on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

12. The Washington Block has images of George Washington over the  windows.













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