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Earl Price – A Member of the Harlem Hellfighters

by Lynne Belluscio

 On August 26, I received an email from Terry Krautwurst, a former LeRoyan who spent years doing the research on the World War I men and women from Genesee County who died while in service to their country.  He sent a note that President Biden had just signed signed a bill awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the World War I 369th Infantry, known as the Harlem Hellfighters. Terry reminded me that Earl Price from LeRoy had been a member of the Harlem Hellfighters and I had written a Pennysaver article about the Price brothers, Clarence and Charles. I remembered a bit about the story and had to do a little searching for the article, but I found it in the files from 2011.  There wasn’t much about Earl Price.  It was mostly about a letter that his brother had written while he was stationed in France.  But it did mention that the three brothers, were buried in the Myrtle Street Cemetery.  I called Elaine Booten to see if she remembered the Price family, and she remembered that they lived down the street on East Avenue, and she knew that they were buried on the west side of the Myrtle Street Cemetery. . .

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