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"Who Was Oscar Geer"

by Lynne Belluscio

My grandson has volunteered to clean some gravestones at Machpelah Cemetery for community service at school, and one of the stones that he cleaned, was Oscar Geer, located at the north side of the cemetery, in section AA. Oscar Geer was the last surviving Civil War veteran in LeRoy, but there is a conundrum. There is a photograph that appeared in the newspaper (photo above), that I used for the LeRoy book, and it lists Richard Geer - the last man in the front row, on the right, as the last Civil War veteran in LeRoy. So, who was Richard Geer? Was he the same man as Oscar Geer?  So, the easiest thing to do was to go to the newspaper clipping file at the Historical Society. Oscar Geer born in Attica on November 11, 1845. Enlisted in 1863, company 76, New York Volunteers at Rochester - wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness and transferred to Company Eight, 12th regiment, being discharged as a corporal on July 27, 1865. . .

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