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St. Mark's Windows

by Lynne Belluscio

A group of people gathered at St. Mark’s Church on Sunday to acknowledge the work that has been done to restore and preserve their historic stained-glass windows. Restoring windows on a building that is more than 150 years old requires a lot of teamwork. That was pretty obvious as Dennis Millander shared some of the stories of how the window restoration came to fruition. In order to set everything in motion, it was first necessary to get the church on the National Register of Historic Places and after a couple of starts that didn’t pan out, Ann Verhague tackled the job. I can tell you from experience, that writing a nomination for the National Register is a tough job, but Ann was successful. Once the church was on the National Register, it was eligible for a grant from the New York State Sacred Sites Foundation. It should be noted that this is not money from New York State, but an independent foundation. Once again, St. Mark’s was successful and received $10,000. The good news is that they can apply...


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