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LeRoy’s First Micro Brewery

by Lynne Belluscio

We received a request for information about breweries in LeRoy.  The only one that I know of was the brewery on Myrtle Street that was owned by Lawrence Sellinger.  I went to the Pennysaver index and found an article I had written in 1994.  According to an obituary in the clipping file, Lorenz Sellinger was born in Bavaria, Germany on June 28, 1830.  He came to the United States with his parents when he was 12 and the family settled in Rochester. One account states that Sellinger was only 19 when he joined the New York State Militia.  In 1851, (or 1852 depending on which newspaper article you believe), he married Rosa Walzer and they had eight children.  So far, there is no information about his occupation in Rochester or whether he was in the brewing business.  He might have worked at a brewery.   In 1857, he was elected school commissioner in Rochester’s Sixth Ward and was a Democratic Alderman. When the Civil War broke out, Sellinger was a “citizen soldier” in the 54th Infantry Regiment of the New York State National Guard. On the 27th of July, 1864, members of the State National Guard 54th Regiment, were called to duty for 100 days.  A newspaper account describes the scene in Rochester:

“Cheers went up from the crowd, made up of wives, mothers and other family members of men of the regiment, as they came into view. After mustering at the Armory and marching through portions of downtown Rochester area...

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